Training Somatic Experiencing

Training Somatic Experiencing

Through this page you’ll find more info on the Somatic Experiencing Training in Belgium. This Page will be updated in the coming weeks with extra info.

The Training consists of 3 years (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Each year has 2 modules of 6 days. You enroll per year.

Every trainingsyear has a different teacher. All the teachers are officially recognized by SETI to teach the specific level. By working with different teachers you can experience different ‘flavors’ in working with SE.


Module Data Teacher
Beginner I/II 13-18 March 2021 Ursula Fürstenwald
Beginner II/III 28 Sept – 3 Oct 2021 Ursula Fürstenwald
Intermediate I/II 24-29 March 2022 Ursula Fürstenwald
Intermediate II/III 15-20 September 2022 Dave Berger
Advanced I 21-26 March 2023 Dave Berger
Advanced II 5-10 October 2023 Dave Berger


As location we choose the residantial center Koningsteen. The space and the surrounding create a beautiful container for the inner work we will be doing. It is recommended to stay residential, yet not obligated.

The address:
Oxdonkstraat 168 – 1880 Kapelle op-den Bos

More Info en Registration

More info is currently available in the dutch part of the website. Click the flag on the far right of the menu to find it! We’re working hard on translating this as soon as possible.