Costs and Payment

Costs and Payment

You enroll for the first year of a three-year course. As soon as your application is approved by the intake team, you are officially registered for the training. Payment for the training must be made in full before the start of the first module. You also undertake to complete the three full years of the training, unless unforeseen circumstances mean that this would not be possible. The accommodation costs must be paid at least 1 week before the start of the module.

€ 2160 per year of training
Trauma Healing Belgium vzw has registration number DV.O233316
€ 2200 for payment in installments
(Price does not include accommodation costs and costs for supervisions and personal sessions)

To pay the invoice for the training costs of one year, you can choose between:

  • Pay the amount (2160 €) in one go before the start of the 1st module?
  • Sign an agreement for installment payment before the start of the first module. The amount of the training costs is then increased to 2200 € for the administrative processing of the payment in installments.

The training costs include the costs of the study manual. Coffee and tea are included in the accommodation costs. Copyright and ownership of the training material rests with Somatic Experiencing International (SEI).

Other costs
During the training modules you will be guided by a team of assistants. Individual sessions and supervision during the modules and beyond, as well as study groups, must be paid to them separately. The costs of individual and supervision are estimated at €900 per year. For individual sessions with a primary assistant you pay 75€, with a senior assistant 85€. In the document rules & guidelines you will find more information, in the pricing document you will find information about the price.

Accommodation costs
The overview of the accommodation costs can be found on the Location page.

Canceling the training
If you unexpectedly decide not to continue a course year, you must report this early. You are not entitled to a refund of the training costs of that year. Accommodation costs that have not yet been invoiced do not have to be paid.

In case of cancellation before 2 months before the start of the training, an administrative cost of 50 € applies. If you cancel from 2 months to 3 weeks before the start of the course, you pay a 20% cancellation fee. In case of cancellation from 3 weeks to 7 working days before the start, you pay 50% of the course amount. In case of later cancellation or if you do not cancel / do not show up, you pay 100% of the course amount. Failure to pay the participation fee is never considered a cancellation. Cancellation must be made in writing (e-mail, letter).

Taking place of a training year
A training year can only really continue with a minimum number of participants; if this is not achieved, your registration will expire and the amount already paid will be refunded. You will be informed in good time in the event of a cancellation of a follow-up year.