Intro SE November 2022 (EN)

Introduction Somatic Experiencing® with Giselle Genillard

Somatic Experiencing®, the method of trauma healing developed by Dr. Peter Levine, offers a new and hopeful vision on Trauma. It is a naturalistic approach that unravels and reveals the mystery of human trauma, and outlines concrete steps needed to heal trauma.

Trauma, Levine said, is in the nervous system, not in the event, and occurs when an overwhelming experience becomes frozen in time. The residual energy, which arose during the event and was not discharged from the body, remains trapped in the nervous system where it causes damage to our body and mind.

Giselle Genillard

The SE® Intro will be led by Giselle Genillard.

Giselle is an experienced trauma therapist from London. She is recognized by SEI and EASE and is the founder of the English SE Organization SOSI.

The workshop lasts 2 days and offers the basic knowledge of SE® in a combination of theory and practice. You can participate in this workshop out of interest, curiosity. If you are considering starting the SE® training, EASE (European Association for Somatic Experiencing) requires that you follow the introduction.

Objectives of the workshop

To outline a general picture of what trauma is, its origins and consequences, and the specific contribution of SE®. Offer tools for the self-regulation of the nervous system, in order to be present with more possibilities in the here and now.

For Whom?

Professionals seeking new, efficient tools in their work with clients.

•    Mental health care: psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, pedagogues, social workers, coaches, occupational therapists, dance and expression therapists, …
•    From healthcare: doctors, nurses, homeopaths, specialists, midwives, …
•    From body-oriented care: osteopaths, acupuncturists, manual therapists, craniosacral therapists, physiotherapists,…
•    Those who are (often the first) involved in emergencies/disasters: firefighters, police, security officers, …
•    Educational people, yoga teachers, ….
All persons who want to gain more insight into trauma and the health problems associated with it through their work or personally.


•    Definition of trauma through the SE® model
•    What is SE®? Comparison with other therapies
•    Fundamental Principles of SE®
•    Historical and Cultural Perspective of Trauma
•    The Autonomic Nervous System
•    Resilience and self-regulation
•    Videos and demonstrations (on site with Giselle)
•    Group work and practical exercises
•    Explanation about the SE practitioner training

Practical Info

Location: Vergaderzaal Kop van Kessel-Lo, Leuvensestraat 18, 3010 Leuven
Dates: Friday en Saturday 11-12 November 2022, 10h-18h
Prices: 295 € (including coffee, tea, water, small snack and syllabus)
Language: Engels. When necessary translation is possible into Dutch/French/German.

KMO portefeuille

A lot has changed in the KMO portefeuille recently. Read our info page about KMO Portefeuille thoroughly. For those who are still allowed to use it, payment with KMO Portefeuille is possible (Trauma Healing Belgium has registration number DV.O233316).


You can register via the form below. This workshop is FULLY BOOKED. if you sign up you’ll get a spot on the WAITING LIST.