Kavi Gemin (en)

Kavi Gemin

Kavi is a teacher and co-director of the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing® and a member of the Somatic Experiencing® faculty. Kavi practices and teaches Craniosacral Biodynamics since 1995.

Graduated through the Canadian College of Osteopathy, he has extensive training in various psychosomatic disciplines, including traditional massage, deep tissues work and Ayurvedic massage.

His further studies include NLP, work with the inner child, co-dependency and developmental psychology. He completed the training on prenatal and birth work with Ray Castellino and is educated in the principles of System Centered Teachings®, developed by Yvonne Agazarian, for working with Group dynamics and human systems.

Kavi has a certificate in andragogy, as a teacher and educator for adults certified SVEB in Switzerland and teaches full-time.

Fascinated by Somatic Experiencing®, he studied with Peter Levine and is SEP certified since 2001. Since then he has assisted and supervised students in many Somatic Experiencing® trainings, deepening and integrating his understanding of the method.

As approved trainer and faculty member of Somatic Experiencing®, Kavi brings his passion and his love for anatomy, physiology and neurobiology in his lessons with clarity and creativity.