The location chosen was Centrum Eenheid (near Leuven). It is a beautiful and large center with a lot of nature at the back (Forest). It is not possible to stay overnight in the center. We will provide a list of nearby lodging locations after registration. Coffee breaks, lunch and (optional) dinner are provided by the location. We advise everyone to also choose the evening meal, because this follows directly after the last lesson and in the evenings there is sometimes an evening program, but there is also room for personal or supervision sessions.

We are currently still working on determining the exact meals and prices, so the following is a first indication.

The cost for coffee breaks + lunch is approximately €190
The cost for coffee breaks + lunch and dinner is approximately €310

These prices are for a module of 6 days and include VAT.

Aarschotsesteenweg 381
3111 Rotselaar – Wezemaal

website: https://centrumeenheid.be