Training Content

Content of the Training

The Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner training consists of three different training years. The first year is called Beginner. The second is called Intermediate and the third year is the Advanced year of the training. Each year consists of 2 blocks of 6 days. The following topics are discussed each year:

Beginner (1st year of training):

  • Basics of Somatic Experiencing® such as titration and pendulation.
  • Physiological basis of trauma, both on the physical level and the theory of the nervous system and the brain.
  • Learning to work with sensations in the body (‘felt sense’).
  • Learning to work with resources and agency (resources and agency).
  • Learning to work with the Orientation Response and its completion and energetic discharge.
  • ‘Coupling Dynamics’ using ‘SIBAM’. Restoring self-regulation.
  • Recognizing traumatic reactions and stabilizing them.
  • Using the interwoven skills to avoid re-traumatization.
  • Trauma First Aid: working in acute situations.
  • Integration of Somatic Experiencing® trauma work into existing work forms.

Intermediate (2nd year of the training):

  • The theoretical insights into the different categories and causes of traumatic shock.
  • Deepening the basics of Somatic Experiencing®.
  • Learning to recognize the specific category of traumatic shock with which the client presents.
  • Learning to apply the correct principles in the specific different categories and causes of traumatic shock.
  • Deepening already acquired knowledge of the nervous system.

Advanced (3rd year of training):

  • Learning to work with complex trauma and syndromes.
  • Introducing and integrating touch in a Somatic Experiencing® session.
  • Deepening the knowledge about and methodology for stabilizing the autonomic nervous system (ANS) when working with complex trauma.
  • Deepening the polyvagal theory and its application in complex trauma.
  • Learning to work with the concept of ‘coherence’ in an SE® session.
  • Learning to determine the scope for working more efficiently in a session.
  • Refinement of the use of touch for containment and coherence.
  • Deepening the basics of Somatic Experiencing® in highly sensitive clients.
  • Learning to work with the eyes in a SE® session.