Training SE 2023

Training Somatic Experiencing 2023-2025

You can find all information about the Somatic Experiencing (Group B) training on this page. The training consists of 3 years (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Each year consists of 2 modules of 6 days. You can register per year. Each year has a different teacher. The teachers are officially recognized by SEI to teach the specific level. By working with different teachers, different influences of SE can be experienced. The language of instruction is English.


Module Data Lesgever
Beginner I/II 10-15 March 2023 Ursula Fürstenwald
Beginner II/III 19 – 24 September 2023 Ursula Fürstenwald
Intermediate I/II 30 April – 5 May 2024 Kavi Gemin
Intermediate II/III 8-13 October 2024 Kavi Gemin
Advanced I 1-6 April 2025 Dave Berger
Advanced II 11-16 September 2025 Dave Berger


Unity Centre was chosen as the location. It is a beautiful location in the green near Leuven.

Info & Application/Registration

You can find all further information via the menu on the left. Some details are not available at the moment but will be added as they become available. If you have already registered, you will also receive these updates directly by email. Registration is possible via the Application Form. Be sure to read all the information first.