Trauma First Aide

Trauma First Aide

Developed as a short-term model for helping professionals, Trauma First Aide (TFA) bridges psychology and physiology. TFA teaches hands-on skills to help reduce the symptoms of acute traumatic stress and to stabilize the nervous system in high stress and urgent situations. TFA skills help clinicians assist their clients to reduce and stabilize their trauma symptoms, giving them a greater sense of agency.

The TFA approach provides direct access to the dysregulated nervous system of people who have experienced traumatic situations and allows for the establish of a bridge between survival mode and a return to normal functioning. This workshop explores the nervous system’s role in trauma, differences between cognitive and somatic approaches, and the effects of trauma beyond ‘mental health’. We view typical acute traumatic stress symptoms as a dysregulated mind-body response and work directly with the symptoms using an integrative approach. Our focus in TFA is on trauma education, early intervention and the prevention of secondary traumatization.

Our workshops are highly experiential and include didactic material, exercises, videos and work in small groups.

No previous training in the field of trauma is required.

Giselle Genillard

The SE® Trauma First Aide workshop will be taught by Giselle Genillard.

Giselle is an experienced trauma therapist from London. She is the founder of the English SE® organisation SOSI.

What is Trauma First aide?

This training is specifically designed to provide simple, practical and immediately applicable tools to address the involuntary physical and psychological reactions to traumatic events. The knowledge gained and techniques taught will enable participants to take immediate action when these events occur.   It can be taught as self-aid and buddy-aid to be used when a traumatic event occurs, and allows preventative maintenance.

Whether in high stress situations or in day to day activities, in addition to its positive impact on the long term psychological health, these techniques and the knowledge gained will help people deal with traumatic events and prepare themselves mentally when facing difficult situations.

The techniques become tools which can be used to maintain wellness. They support resilience in stressful environments, will  help leaders recognize team members who are having difficulty and provide tools for them to render immediate assistance.


Locatie: Augustinessenklooster Romaanse poort, Lokaal A1.3, Brusselsestraat 63, 3000 Leuven
Data: Maandag 31 Januari 2022, 10u-17u30
Kosten: 160 € (inclusief koffie, thee, water, kleine versnapering en syllabus)
Voertaal: Engels. Waar nodig zal er vertaald worden naar het Nederlands.

Op zaterdag en zondag 29-30 Januari geeft Giselle ook een twee-daagse intro Somatic Experiencing®. Klik hier voor meer info. Deze kost 290€. Indien je wenst in te schrijven voor zowel de intro als de Trauma First Aid betaal je slechts 430€. Selecteer op het onderstaande inschrijvingsformulier waarvoor je je inschrijft.

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